Coinbase CEO Clarifies: No Plans for Base Token Launch!

In an enlightening interview, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong dispels the circulating rumors about a native token launch for Base, focusing instead on the platform's rapid growth and future prospects.

Coinbase May Share User Data with CFTC Following Subpoena Over Bybit Ties!

This article delves into the recent developments where Coinbase may have to share customer trading data with the CFTC, a move causing concern among its users.

Coinbase CEO on Binance Settlement: A Turning Point for Crypto Industry!

This article explores Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's perspective on the recent Binance settlement and its implications for the cryptocurrency industry, emphasizing a new era of compliance and growth.

ARK Invest’s Bold Move: Liquidating $5.26M in Coinbase Amid Surging Stock Prices!

Exploring ARK Invest's strategic sale of Coinbase shares and investment in Robinhood, this article delves into the investment firm's market maneuvers amidst fluctuating crypto stock values.

Coinbase Challenges SEC’s Delay Tactics in Ongoing Legal Battle!

In the latest development of the Coinbase-SEC legal standoff, Coinbase accuses the Securities and Exchange Commission of employing delay tactics in responding to its rulemaking petition, underscoring the growing tension between crypto firms and regulatory bodies.

Korea’s Largest Pension Fund Embraces Crypto, Injecting $20M into Coinbase!

Marking a significant foray into cryptocurrency, South Korea's National Pension Service invests in Coinbase, highlighting the increasing institutional interest in the crypto sector.

Dogecoin Sweepstakes Sparks Legal Battle as Coinbase Faces Supreme Court Scrutiny!

Coinbase's Dogecoin sweepstakes, intended to drive platform engagement, now faces legal challenges that have escalated to the U.S. Supreme Court, setting a precedent for consumer rights and corporate transparency.

Coinbase Surpasses Earnings Expectations Despite Slump in Crypto Trading Volumes!

In a climate of economic uncertainty, Coinbase emerges with stronger than expected earnings for Q3, though its trading revenue faces the brunt of a downturned crypto market.

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