dYdX Dethrones Uniswap as Top Decentralized Exchange by Trading Volume

In a notable shift within the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, dYdX has overtaken Uniswap v3 to become the largest DEX by daily trading volume, indicating a growing trend for DEXs operating outside Ethereum.

dYdX Foundation Executes Unlocking of Massive Amounts of DYDX Tokens!

dYdX Foundation sparked concerns on December 1 by releasing a massive amount of DYDX tokens: Here are the details!

DYdX Technical Outlook: Positive Short and Medium Term, Caution Long Term

This article explores DYdX's varied technical analysis, highlighting its short and medium-term positive trends against a cautious long-term outlook.

Surprise Move from dYdX Team: dYdX Chain Network Fee Revenues to Be Distributed!

The highly anticipated dYdX Chain alpha mainnet went live recently. According to information from dYdX, the revenues generated from network fees will now be distributed.

DYDX Could Rise 20% if it Breaks Critical Resistance! August 29 DYDX Analysis

DYDX's hourly analysis emphasizes the importance of closing above the black trend line for an uptrend. The necessity of holding the blue support zone and the impact of the $2.287 resistance determine daily movements. Additionally, a 0.30% increase is required for the price to turn green.

DYDX Price Analysis: Could Rise by 20% if Critical Resistance is Broken!

In the daily technical chart of DYDX, it is observed that the price is approaching the 2.287 dollar resistance. If three consecutive daily closes occur above this resistance, the long-lasting sideways trend may end. In this case, DYDX can move towards the 2.728 dollar resistance.

dYdX, Attracting Attention with its Performance: What’s Next for DYDX?

dYdX's upcoming V4 mainnet launch has increased interest in DYDX token and triggered the upward movement; what's next for DYDX?

DYDX Target for Rise is Clear! August 14 DYDX Analysis

If the DYDX price cannot close above $2.24, the downward trend towards the support range of $2.127 - $2.09 may expand. If buying reactions come from the support range of $2.127 - $2.09, the upward movement can continue until the target of $2.20 and then $2.34.

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