Essential Role of STO Market Development in Web3 Adoption | WebX Report

The article discusses the growing interest in Security Token Offerings (STOs) in Japan, with regulatory changes being made to accommodate the rise of digital securities. The STO market is projected to double in size by the end of the fiscal year in March 2023, with real estate becoming a popular asset for tokenization. Furthermore, the integration of Web3 and STOs is expected to revolutionize user experiences and societal structures.

Bank of Japan’s YCC Amendment Talks & Sequoia’s Crypto Fund Downsizing: Key Updates

This article provides a summary of key cryptocurrency news, including the Bank of Japan's upcoming discussions on its YCC policy, Sequoia's decision to downsize its cryptocurrency fund, and Animoca Brands' planned investment in the 'hi' app.

Bank of Japan’s Decision Did Not Disrupt Bitcoin’s Sideways Trend!

The Bank of Japan did not make the expected move in today's critical decision, and the sideways movement in the markets continued.

Japan’s PM Kishida: Web3 is the New Face of Capitalism

Japan's Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, has expressed his views on Web3, hinting at its potential to revolutionize the traditional internet environment and bring about social change.

Bitcoin Exchange Binance to Launch Operations in Japan in August

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that they will start operating in Japan while reiterating their commitment to supporting the Web3 industry.

As the Japanese Yen Continues to Surge, Interest in Bitcoin Trading Rises in Japan

Japan's currency, the Japanese yen, continues to depreciate against the US dollar; Investors are turning to Bitcoin trading.

Japan Softens Tax Stance on Cryptocurrencies

Japan, an important country in the crypto market in Asia, is changing its tax stance on cryptocurrencies.

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