Solana’s TVL Surges to $600M: A Catalyst for SOL’s Price Movement!

Amidst a transformative wave in decentralized finance, Solana's TVL balloons to over $600 million, raising questions about its impact on the price of SOL and the broader DeFi landscape.

Solana’s Revival: Jupiter Airdrop to Enrich Nearly One Million Wallets!

In a move set to catalyze user engagement, Jupiter, a decentralized finance aggregator on Solana, announces a massive airdrop of 4 billion JUP tokens to nearly a million SOL wallets, highlighting Solana's recovery and growing ecosystem.

Solana’s Rise in October: Behind the 62% Leap and What’s Next?

As Solana's SOL token witnesses a robust growth trajectory, we delve into the factors propelling its surge and the future prospects underpinning its promising journey.

Solana Takes the Lead: Record Inflows Signal New Interest in Crypto Investment

Solana and Bitcoin fuel renewed interest in digital-asset investment products, with Europe outpacing the U.S. in terms of inflows.

Ethereum Explorer “Rated” Secures $12.89M to Broaden its Blockchain Horizons

Ethereum-based startup, Rated Labs, scores big with its Series A funding, as it ventures into uncharted blockchain territories. The company's growth plans encompass the introduction of new features and enhanced real-time functionalities.

Binance Delists XRP and Dogecoin Trading Pairs Amid Regulatory Challenges

Binance, the top cryptocurrency exchange, streamlines its operations in light of global regulatory hurdles, impacting notable tokens like XRP and Dogecoin.

Solana DePIN Projects Set to Revolutionize the Gig Economy

Discover how Solana's DePIN projects like Hivemapper, Render, and Helium are charting a new direction for the gig economy, and what it means for decentralization and the future of work.

Solana’s Active Address Decline: What’s Really Happening?

Exploring Solana's dip in active addresses: Is it a reflection of real user interest or just bots exiting the network? Dive deep into Solana's current position.

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