Tether’s Bitcoin Holdings Surpass $5 Billion as It Becomes the Seventh Largest Holder

Tether increases its Bitcoin holdings beyond the $5 billion threshold, solidifying its position as a major cryptocurrency player amid Bitcoin's price surge.

Tether Reports Record $2.85 Billion Profit with Bitcoin and Gold Reserves Boosting Stability

Exploring Tether's impressive financial performance in Q4 2023, this article delves into its substantial profit, backed by Bitcoin and Gold reserves, and the company's strategic investments that mark its growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Tether (USDT) Becomes Preferred Currency for Criminal Activities, UN Report Highlights!

A United Nations report warns of Tether's emerging role as a go-to currency for criminal activities, highlighting the challenges posed by the lack of robust cryptocurrency regulations.

Binance’s $3.9B Tether Move Precedes $4.3B DOJ Settlement, Stirring Speculation!

This article examines Binance's recent $3.9 billion Tether transaction, exploring its potential connection to the $4.3 billion settlement with the Department of Justice and its implications in the broader crypto market.

U.S. Lawmakers Investigate Binance and Tether’s Links with Controversial Entities

U.S. lawmakers intensify pressure on the DOJ to delve deeper into Binance and Tether's potential connections to controversial groups, amidst rising crypto concerns.

Tether’s Tech Revolution: Paolo Ardoino Steps Up as CEO

With Paolo Ardoino's recent promotion to CEO, Tether aims to redefine its trajectory in the crypto space, focusing on technological innovations and expanding its horizons beyond just being a stablecoin issuer.

Binance’s Euro Users Advised to Switch to Tether Following Paysafe Split

Binance announces temporary EUR service disruption after Paysafe ends their partnership. European users are advised to convert to USDT amidst these changes.

Tether’s Unexpected Lending Hike Despite Previous Pledge to Halt

Tether's unexpected lending rise stirs debate and questions on its promised transparency in the evolving crypto landscape.

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