Binance’s Euro Users Advised to Switch to Tether Following Paysafe Split

  • Binance’s banking partner Paysafe discontinues EUR deposits for the crypto exchange.
  • European users urged to shift their euro balances to Tether’s USDT.
  • Binance aims to restore full functionality with a new banking partner shortly.

Binance announces temporary EUR service disruption after Paysafe ends their partnership. European users are advised to convert to USDT amidst these changes.

Paysafe Ends Partnership, Suspends Euro Deposits

On September 25, Paysafe, a prominent financial institution handling fiat deposits and withdrawals for Binance’s European customers, suspended all euro deposits. This move came before the official announcement that Paysafe was ending its partnership with the crypto exchange. As of this decision, Paysafe was a vital link for Binance’s European users, processing their fiat transactions.

Binance’s Mitigation Steps: From Euros to USDT

Binance, responding promptly to the unfolding situation, urged its European users who had balances in euros to switch over to Tether’s USDT. This decision was made to ensure that the users’ funds remained accessible and fluid during this transitional phase. Binance informed its users about this solution through an official statement, giving them until October 31 to make the switch.

Temporary Situation: A New Banking Partner on the Horizon

Addressing the concerns, Binance made it clear that this disruption will be a short-lived one. They are currently in the process of partnering with a new financial institution to manage their EUR services. “We are working diligently to change our fiat partner for EUR services. We understand the inconvenience this might cause, and we appreciate your patience. Rest assured, we will provide regular updates and intend to restore full services soon,” a spokesperson from Binance conveyed to CoinOtag.

Impact on Binance’s Services and Features

Following Paysafe’s abrupt decision, several Binance features have seen interruptions. For instance, as of Thursday morning, 4 a.m. UTC, EUR spot trading pairs have been halted, leading to the cancellation of open orders. Furthermore, Binance Convert, a feature analogous to a token exchange, is currently facing restrictions on EUR-based transactions. However, users can find solace in the fact that they can still withdraw their Euros directly to their banking accounts.


The split between Binance and Paysafe marks a significant event in the crypto industry, especially for European users. The proactive measures taken by Binance, such as urging users to convert their EUR balances to Tether’s USDT, show the exchange’s commitment to its users. As Binance navigates through this transitional period, users await more updates and hope for the swift restoration of full EUR services with a new banking partner.

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