Binance Exchange to Delist XMR, ANT, VAI, and MULTI! Here Are the Reasons and Details!

In its announcement today, Binance announced that it will completely remove 4 altcoins from the exchange: What are the reasons for this delist decision?

Privacy Tokens DASH, ZEC, XMR Drop as OKX Plans to Delist Trading Pairs

Major cryptocurrencies focusing on privacy are facing a downturn as OKX exchange announces the delisting of several trading pairs, sparking concerns over the future of privacy coins in regulated markets.

Monero Sees Increase in Social Activity: What Does it Mean for XMR Coin?

The recent network upgrade on the Monero network triggered the increase in social activity and led to a price surge in XMR accompanied by trading volume.

Can Monero (XMR) Rise to $184? July 29 XMR Analysis!

According to the Monero (XMR) price analysis, the price can continue its rise towards the 184 dollar levels with daily closes above the 160.6 dollar level. However, an important point to note for investors is the preservation of the 160 dollar support and the possibility of a downward movement towards the 155 dollar levels in an alternative scenario.

Crypto Exchange Attack: Arrest Made in the US – Was the Attacker an Amazon Employee?

Shakeeb Ahmed was arrested by the DOJ for stealing $9 million worth of cryptocurrency from a decentralized exchange (DEX) through a flash loan.

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