Technical Recovery of Bitcoin (BTC) Nears Completion: A Detailed Analysis

Technical Recovery in Crypto Market: A Temporary Phenomenon?

  • The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a technical recovery.
  • However, experts predict this recovery phase might be short-lived.
  • Investors are still showing a ‘risk off’ attitude, indicating a potential market correction.

Explore the current state of the cryptocurrency market, the ongoing technical recovery, and why experts believe this might be a temporary phenomenon.

Understanding the Current Market Scenario

The ‘Risk Factor in Currency Futures’ chart, which compares the futures positions of institutional investors in top currencies, has recently shown a massive drop into negative territory. This indicates that investors are less willing to take risks in the stock market, a trend that usually precedes Wall Street corrections. Despite the S&P500 Index nearing its all-time high, investors continue to distribute in the background, suggesting a cautious approach.

Investor Behavior in the Swiss and German Markets

In the Swiss Market Index (SMI), there is evidence of accumulation, with many strong action indications and exaggerations, typically followed by a correction. A similar trend is visible in the German DAX index. The previously favored cyclical stocks are experiencing a sell-off, further confirming the cautious investor sentiment. Interestingly, utilities have been one of the best-performing sectors in recent weeks, a pattern usually observed in bearish times.

Impact of Inflation on the Crypto Market

The Producer Price Index (PPI) was slightly higher than expected, and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is due for publication soon. Regardless of the outcome, according to the Cycle, Inflation is expected to rise again from the end of the year. This could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency market, potentially driving more investors towards digital assets as a hedge against inflation.


While the cryptocurrency market is currently in a phase of technical recovery, this could be a temporary phenomenon. Investor behavior indicates a cautious approach, and the expected rise in inflation could further influence market dynamics. As always, investors should stay informed and make decisions based on careful analysis of market trends and economic indicators.

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