Tether CEO Raises Alarms Over Alleged OpenAI Cyber Attack

  • Tether’s CEO Paolo Ardoino has recently raised concerns over an alleged security breach at OpenAI.
  • Ardoino suggested that the attack has serious ramifications for user data privacy and independence.
  • He emphasized the importance of running AI models locally to protect user privacy and ensure resilience.

Explore the latest security concerns in the AI space as Tether’s CEO highlights significant risks following an alleged breach at OpenAI.

Security Breach at OpenAI: Implications for Data Privacy

Tether’s CEO Paolo Ardoino recently took to social media to allege that OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence protocol, has been compromised in a security breach. Ardoino described the situation as “frightening,” emphasizing the potential threats such incidents pose to user data privacy and autonomy. He advocates for the usage of locally run AI models as a viable solution to safeguard sensitive information.

The Need for Local AI Models

Ardoino asserts that decentralizing AI by running models on local devices such as smartphones and laptops could significantly enhance privacy protections. He believes that these devices are becoming powerful enough to enable users to fine-tune general language models (LLMs) locally, thereby keeping personal data secure. This approach not only improves the resilience of AI systems but also ensures that users maintain control over their information.

The Broader Implications for the Crypto Market

OpenAI has been instrumental in driving the AI trend within the cryptocurrency market. NVIDIA, among others, has been a key player in this space, contributing to the proliferation of AI-themed cryptocurrencies. Since early 2024, the market has seen the emergence of numerous meme coins and altcoins themed around artificial intelligence, including Worldcoin (WLD), a project spearheaded by OpenAI’s co-founder, Sam Altman.

The Decline of AI-Themed Cryptocurrencies

Despite the initial buzz, the AI-themed cryptocurrency trend has shown signs of waning. Worldcoin (WLD), once a promising new release, has experienced a significant decline in value, losing 60% within the last month. This downturn reflects broader market conditions and highlights the volatility and speculative nature of theme-based cryptocurrencies.


Ardoino’s warning about the OpenAI incident underscores the critical importance of data privacy and the need for robust security measures in both the AI and cryptocurrency sectors. His advocacy for locally-run AI models presents a compelling argument for enhancing user privacy and control. As the AI trend in the crypto market faces challenges, it remains to be seen how these industries will adapt to ensure both innovation and security.

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