Tether CEO Warns of Potential Email Vendor Breach Targeting Crypto Companies

  • Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, has issued a warning about a possible security breach involving a prominent email vendor frequently used by cryptocurrency companies.
  • CoinGecko’s co-founder and COO, Bobby Ong, supported the caution, noting that the cryptocurrency data platform’s newsletter service might also be affected.
  • In a post on X, Ardoino stated that they had received two independent confirmations indicating that a prominent vendor commonly used by crypto companies to manage mailing lists might have been compromised.

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino Issues Warning on Potential Email Vendor Security Breach Impacting Crypto Companies

Potential Email Vendor Compromise Threatens Crypto Sector

Ardoino highlighted that his team has received independent confirmations suggesting that a commonly used email vendor in the cryptocurrency sector could have been breached. According to Ardoino’s post, the vendor is vital for managing mailing lists but could now be compromised.

Co-Founders Offer Additional Warnings

CoinGecko’s co-founder, Bobby Ong, corroborated the warning by issuing a public service announcement on X. He alerted the community about an ongoing supply chain email breach, which he believes might also influence CoinGecko’s newsletter service, increasing the risk of email blasts promoting fraudulent token launches. Ong expressed concerns that various crypto companies could also be affected.

History of Email Phishing in Crypto Industry

Email security breaches are no strangers to the crypto sector. For instance, blockchain-based metaverse company The Sandbox encountered a similar incident last year, where an email phishing campaign was initiated following a security breach. The breach led to unauthorized access to email addresses, which were then targeted with phishing emails posing as the company’s communications.

Additionally, prominent firms like Nansen, Celsius, OpenSea, and Ledger have faced similar exploits. These phishing tactics involve tricking victims into clicking on malicious links sent via emails or messages, which appear to originate from trusted sources, in attempts to obtain personal information such as passwords or credit card details.

Precautionary Measures Advised

As investigations are still ongoing, both Tether and CoinGecko have advised users to remain vigilant with email communications, particularly those that promise crypto-airdrops or new token launches. Implementing strong email security practices and being cautious of unexpected messages can mitigate the risks associated with such cybersecurity threats.


The warnings from Tether and CoinGecko highlight the persistent threats faced by the cryptocurrency industry in terms of email security breaches. Users and companies alike are urged to exercise increased caution and follow best practices to safeguard against potential phishing attempts and unauthorized access. Vigilance and proactive measures are essential to navigating these challenges in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity within the crypto space.

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