Gateio Offers USDT Lending with Up to 25.52% APR – Earn Bonus Rewards

Learn about Gate.io's USDT lending opportunity, including the potential to earn bonus rewards. Discover how it works and the considerations involved before making your investment decisions.

Tether Reports Record $2.85 Billion Profit with Bitcoin and Gold Reserves Boosting Stability

Exploring Tether's impressive financial performance in Q4 2023, this article delves into its substantial profit, backed by Bitcoin and Gold reserves, and the company's strategic investments that mark its growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Tether Expands Bitcoin Holdings, Becoming 11th Largest BTC Holder with $380M Purchase

In a significant expansion of its investment portfolio, Tether has bolstered its Bitcoin holdings, reflecting a strategic shift in the backing of its USDT stablecoin and affirming its position as a major player in the cryptocurrency market.

Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Affirms Tether’s Financial Stability Amidst Bitcoin Market Volatility

In an exclusive interview at Davos, Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald reinforces the stability of Tether and discusses the evolving role of cryptocurrencies in the global economy.

Turning Heads: Tether’s Bold Move into U.S. Treasury Bonds

Tether, a leading stablecoin company, has invested heavily in US Treasury bonds, making it one of the top holders globally and reinforcing the role of USDT as a hedge against inflation.

Why These 7 Cryptocurrencies Lead the Pack in Santiment’s Latest Rankings!

Get insights into the cryptocurrencies with the most daily active addresses, with Bitcoin leading the pack and Tether showing high usage across different networks.

FUD Dismissed: Tether’s Bitcoin Assets Proven with Data

On-chain data responded to the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) surrounding Tether's Bitcoin assets: Tether continues to hold Bitcoin.

USDC vs USDT: Which Should Investors Prefer?

Two friends, two crazy bullets; What are the differences between USDT and USDC? USDT surpasses USDC in terms of adoption, but USDC has more institutional power!

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