Three Key Crypto Whales Awake: Significant Purchases Include PEPE Coin and 5 Other Altcoins

  • Recent on-chain data reveals that three different crypto whales have become active, particularly focusing on purchasing PEPE altcoins.
  • According to data provided by Loononchain, two major crypto whales have recently accumulated substantial amounts from five different altcoins.
  • The first whale, identified by the short address 0x1A2E, purchased 322.48 billion PEPE worth $2.78 million on Binance. The current PEPE price is $0.000008584 at the time of writing.

Major crypto whales have been spotted making significant purchases of PEPE altcoins, according to recent on-chain data. This activity could signal a potential shift in the crypto market.

Whales Make Significant PEPE Purchases

On-chain data provided by Loononchain has revealed that two major crypto whales have been accumulating substantial amounts from five different altcoins. The first whale, identified by the short address 0x1A2E, made a significant purchase of PEPE altcoins on Binance. The whale bought 322.48 billion PEPE, which is valued at $2.78 million. At the time of writing, the PEPE price is trading at $0.000008584. The whale wallet executed the PEPE purchase at a price level of $0.000008620.

Another Whale Makes a Larger PEPE Transaction

Another whale also drew attention with a larger PEPE transaction. The crypto whale, with the short address 0x1a2, transferred 915.85 billion PEPE to its cold wallet from Binance, paying approximately $7.75 million. The transaction occurred when the PEPE price was at the $0.000008466 level. This whale, along with previous transactions, purchased PEPE worth $10.4 million at an average price of $0.000008424 in the last 28 hours.

Other Whale Purchases

Another whale, named aavebank.eth, according to on-chain data, purchased 500,000 UniSwap (UNI) worth $3.75 million, 183,000 Chainlink (LINK) worth $2.62 million, 171 MakerDAO (MKR) worth $500,000, and 31,139 Ethereum Name Service (ENS) worth $483,000.


The recent activity of these crypto whales could signal a potential shift in the crypto market. Their significant purchases of PEPE altcoins and other cryptocurrencies could influence market trends and prices. However, it’s important to note that this is not investment advice and individuals should do their own research before making any investment decisions.

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