Top 5 Celebrities Reveal Their Altcoin Portfolios: Spotlight on 8 Key Cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

  • The crypto world has become a playground for celebrities, with late-night revelations of altcoin projects in the portfolios of famous names like Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart.
  • This information is being showcased through the blockchain analysis platform, Arkham Intelligence.
  • Arkham has previously identified the wallets of major figures like Elon Musk’s companies Tesla and SpaceX, and US Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Discover the altcoin portfolios of celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart, revealed through blockchain analysis platform Arkham Intelligence. Learn about their investment strategies and the implications for the crypto world.

Altcoin Projects in Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart’s Portfolios

Arkham Intelligence, a crypto analysis company, recently disclosed the current Bitcoin and altcoin portfolios of over 100 celebrities with more than 1 million followers. Jimmy Fallon, for instance, has a crypto net worth of $112.8k, with the majority of his assets being in Ethereum (ETH) worth $100.8k. Interestingly, his last recorded activity dates back to May 16, 2022, when he claimed a non-fungible token (NFT) from the Otherside Metaverse project. This inactivity suggests a more passive investment approach from Fallon, who also holds altcoins like APE, LCX, and JUSTICE.

Kevin Hart’s Active Crypto Investments

Contrary to Fallon, Kevin Hart appears to be a more active crypto player. His total net worth is entirely in ETH, standing at $39.8k. His recent activities indicate potential trading or profit-making potential. Just two months ago, on March 13, 2024, he sent $25k worth of ApeCoin (APE) to Coinbase, a major crypto exchange. This suggests a potential change or realization of gains in his holdings. Hart also holds altcoins like POODLE and JUSTICE.

What’s in Other Celebrities’ Wallets?

Justin Bieber holds a total of $415k in crypto, with his largest investment being in Ethereum (ETH). His other investments include Apecoin and Dogecoin. Former US President and candidate Donald Trump holds a hefty $7 million in crypto, with his largest investment being in the TRUMP token. His other investments include ETH and meme coins like PEPE. Neymar Jr. holds $55.7k in crypto, with his largest investment being in Ethereum and other coins like Apecoin, POODLE, and ENG in his portfolio. It’s important to remember that this information only reflects publicly available data on the blockchain and does not necessarily reveal the entirety of their crypto assets or investment strategies. However, it does ignite a discussion about the influence of celebrities in the crypto space.


The intersection of celebrities and cryptocurrency is dynamic. It can bring new audiences to the technology, but it also brings inherent risks. As the market evolves, the promotion of transparency, education, and responsible investment strategies will be vital for both celebrities and the public.

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