Tron Founder Justin Sun Deposits $21M in DeFi Tokens Including AAVE to Binance

  • Early Monday morning saw the movement of $21 million in DeFi tokens to Binance by a once-dormant whale.
  • This event stirred the crypto community, already tense due to the recent market retracement.
  • Reactions ranged from fears of a potential dump to seeing it as a strategic move in the current market consolidation phase.

A dormant whale shifted $21 million of DeFi tokens to Binance, causing a mixed bag of reactions amid an already volatile market.

Significant Whale Movements: $21 Million in DeFi Tokens Relocated

On-chain analytic firm Spotonchain revealed that a dormant whale had deposited roughly $13 million worth of cryptocurrency to Binance early Monday. After a hiatus of one year, the whale transferred 3,800 Maker (MKR) and 20,000 Aave (AAVE) to the exchange.

Further analysis indicated that the transfers could be linked to Tron founder, Justin Sun, with three out of thirteen identified addresses executing the transactions.

Spotonchain reported that the total deposits amounted to $21 million within 30 minutes. The tokens moved included 93,979 AAVE, worth an estimated $11.26 million, and 3,800 MKR tokens.

The whale acquired MKR tokens in June 2023 for $2.43 million, at an average price of $641.81 each, whereas the AAVE tokens were procured between June 2023 and January 2024 at an average price of $87.14.

At the time of reporting, the whale’s holdings had an approximate $7 million in profits, with MKR yielding $6.74 million and AAVE generating $252,000 in gains.

Additionally, the whale transferred 4,178 Compound (COMP) and 203,823 Liquity (LQTY) tokens to Binance, valued at $245,000 and $217,000 respectively.

Market Reactions and Interpretations

These significant deposits have led to divergent reactions within the crypto community, as depositing assets on exchanges is often perceived as a precursor to selling, which could depress their prices.

However, some pundits view these movements as bullish signals. For instance, a social media user optimistically noted that whale deposits typically indicate impending market consolidation before a breakout.

Others echoed this sentiment, suggesting it might be a strategic moment to accumulate DeFi assets, hinting at a potential generational buying opportunity orchestrated by Sun.

Market Performance Post-Transfer

Notably, the community pays close attention to Sun’s transactions. Historical data showcased Sun’s significant Ethereum accumulation in Q1 2024, totaling over $891 million in ETH.

Post-announcement, the prices of the deposited DeFi tokens exhibited limited reaction. AAVE experienced a modest 1.4% depreciation to $91.26, before rebounding to $92. However, the token had previously declined by 12.4% following the market slump.

MKR saw a 10.6% drop over the weekend, settling from $2,600 to $2,300. In the subsequent 24 hours, MKR declined by an additional 3.1%. Despite a brief 1.8% fall after the news, MKR remained below $2,400.


The substantial movement of DeFi tokens by a dormant whale has created mixed market signals. While some speculate a bearish outcome due to potential dumping, others see an opportunity driven by strategic market positioning. The community’s vigilance ensures Sun’s future transactions will be closely monitored for further market cues.

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