UK FCA Targets Trio in Crypto Scam: CFD Trading Pension Fraud Involving Bitcoin (BTC)

UK FCA Charges Three Individuals in CFD Trading Pension Fraud

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has filed a lawsuit against three individuals for their alleged involvement in a high-risk trading scheme, which targeted people’s pension savings. The total known loss to victims is over £8 million.

The UK’s financial watchdog is taking legal action against Kristofer McGuire, Keith Williamson, and Karla Walker for multiple offenses, including fraud by false representation and fraudulent trading.

Alleged Misrepresentation of Investor Status

The FCA alleges that the defendants made false statements to a trading platform, claiming that their clients were professional investors. In reality, many of these individuals were persuaded to use their pensions to invest in contracts for difference (CFDs), a high-risk derivative product. The scheme allegedly generated large commissions for the defendants, with victims’ pension funds almost entirely lost.

CFDs: High-Risk Derivatives

CFDs are high-risk derivatives, with the majority of retail users’ accounts losing money. According to the FCA, around 80% of CFD users lose money. These products are often highly leveraged, meaning they use debt to try and amplify returns, which can result in investors losing more than they initially invested.

FCA Imposes Restrictions on CFDs

In the UK, the FCA has imposed restrictions on how CFDs and CFD-like options can be sold and marketed to retail customers. The FCA has been carrying out work to address consumer harm in the UK in this sector.

Details of the Fraudulent Scheme

Between 1 January 2015 and 30 June 2017, the defendants allegedly made untrue and misleading representations to a CFD trading platform that clients met the qualifying criteria for professional investors when in reality, they did not. The defendants allegedly engaged in fraudulent trading using detrimental trading strategies when trading CFDs to generate excessive commissions at the expense of investors.


The case highlights the risks associated with high-risk derivative products like CFDs, particularly for retail investors. The FCA’s ongoing efforts to regulate this sector and protect consumers from fraudulent schemes underscore the importance of investor education and regulatory oversight in the financial markets.

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