Uniswap Labs Acquires Crypto: The Game Amid UNI Token Surge

  • Uniswap Labs has made a groundbreaking entry into the blockchain gaming sector by acquiring the on-chain survival game, ‘Crypto: The Game’ (CTG).
  • The acquisition underscores Uniswap Labs’ strategy to enhance on-chain user engagement through interactive experiences.
  • CTG’s second season achieved remarkable success, selling out 800 spots in just 13 minutes, signaling its immense popularity.

Uniswap Labs’ strategic acquisition of CTG aims to revolutionize blockchain gaming, blending crypto and gaming communities into a unique on-chain experience.

Uniswap Labs Collaborates with CTG Founders

Mary-Catherine Lader, the Chief Operating Officer of Uniswap Labs, revealed to Fortune that the acquisition of Crypto: The Game (CTG) marks a significant milestone for the company. “CTG has generated a tremendous buzz, and we are committed to making on-chain interactions more engaging and enjoyable,” Lader stated. Although the financial details of the purchase were not disclosed, it is known to involve a mix of cash, tokens, and equity.

The founding team of CTG, comprised of Dylan Abruscato, Tyler Cagle, and Bryan Lee, will now join forces with Uniswap. They are already working on the third season of the game and are exploring innovative interactive crypto experiences for users. It’s essential to note that the game will not merely serve as an advertising channel for Uniswap’s wallet or exchange, as clarified by both companies in a recent call.

Co-founder Dylan Abruscato expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “With the full backing of Uniswap Labs, we are poised to take the third season to unprecedented heights.”

Intertwining the Gaming and Crypto Worlds

Inspired by popular TV shows like Survivor and Squid Game, CTG’s initial seasons offered a thrilling experience where players contributed 0.1 Ethereum (about $367) to join one of ten tribes, each consisting of 80 members. Throughout ten days, participants faced daily challenges, voted off competitors, and vied for substantial prizes.

The first season crowned a Japanese contestant with a grand prize exceeding $150,000. Season two saw the prize pool burgeon to about $250,000, thanks to prominent sponsorships including Uniswap Labs, Adidas, and Wormhole. This collaboration provided Uniswap with invaluable insights into the game’s potential to attract new crypto users.

With a “cult-like” reputation within the crypto sphere, CTG has garnered considerable attention across diverse platforms, including podcasts and media streams. Dylan Abruscato highlighted the game’s broad fanbase, which includes crypto enthusiasts, venture capitalists, founders, and influencers like 3LAU and Packy McCormick.

Interestingly, the game has also managed to engage “normies”—individuals new to the world of crypto—who constitute roughly 10%-15% of its audience. This presents a unique opportunity for CTG to introduce a wider audience to decentralized finance (DeFi).

While exact viewer statistics for the previous season remain undisclosed, CTG’s website recorded approximately 50,000 unique visitors over the ten-day gameplay period. Abruscato aptly described the game as a “24/7 crypto reality show” replete with drama, villain arcs, and fan favorites, making it a spectacle in the crypto community.


In conclusion, Uniswap Labs’ acquisition of Crypto: The Game signifies a pivotal development in the convergence of the gaming and crypto worlds. With both entities joining forces, the upcoming season promises to deliver unparalleled interactive experiences, potentially onboarding a new wave of users into the DeFi ecosystem. This strategic move further strengthens Uniswap’s position as a pioneer in enhancing on-chain experiences.

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