Unlock Exclusive McLaren Prizes with OKX’s “Race Rewind” Digital Collectibles Series

  • The partnership between OKX and McLaren Formula 1 Team has made waves with their innovative “Race Rewind” digital collectibles.
  • This ground-breaking initiative offers fans an interactive and immersive way to commemorate each F1 grand prix this season.
  • Highlighting the project’s significance, OKX’s Chief Marketing Officer Haider Rafique emphasizes the community-building potential beyond just trading and investment in the blockchain space.

OKX and McLaren F1 introduce an immersive digital collectible series for F1 enthusiasts.

OKX and McLaren Launch ‘Race Rewind’ Digital Collectibles

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX, together with the McLaren Formula 1 Team, has unveiled a new “Race Rewind” series offering fans exclusive digital collectibles for each of the 24 races of the 2024 F1 season. Starting Friday at 10 am GMT, fans can mint the first collectible, which commemorates the Canadian Grand Prix, through the OKX Wallet.

Community Engagement and Utility Beyond Trading

OKX aims to redefine the blockchain space by focusing on community engagement and practical utilities beyond conventional trading. “We want to build community and bring new utility to crypto,” commented Haider Rafique, OKX Chief Marketing Officer. He stressed that the venture is about more than just trading and investment; it’s about bringing fans closer to their passions.

Unique Features and Fan Rewards

The “Race Rewind” series stands out due to its multimedia elements and audio features, which allow fans to relive the excitement of each F1 race. Fans who manage to collect the entire set during the 2024 season will be eligible for special VIP rewards, including a McLaren Fan Experience at an upcoming race, a $2,500 travel allowance, and an adrenaline-pumping hot lap around a race circuit.

Growing Crypto Sponsorship in Motorsport

OKX is one of McLaren’s main F1 sponsors and part of a broader trend of cryptocurrency companies entering the racing arena through sponsorship. This growing interest highlights the increasing intersections between the crypto world and major sports leagues, providing new avenues for fan engagement and brand exposure.


In summary, the OKX and McLaren “Race Rewind” collection not only adds an innovative dimension to fan engagement but also showcases the potential of blockchain technology in creating meaningful experiences beyond traditional financial applications. As the season unfolds, fans will enjoy unprecedented opportunities to connect with their favorite sport in a unique, digital manner.

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