Vitalik Buterin Comes to Taiwan as Keynote Speaker at ETHTaipei 2024

ETHTaipei 2024, the annual Ethereum developer conference and hackathon, returns from March 21st to 24th.

Vitalik Buterin Comes to Taiwan as Keynote Speaker at ETHTaipei 2024


ETHTaipei 2024, the annual Ethereum developer conference and hackathon, returns from March 21st to 24th. This four-day event invites developers worldwide to explore the latest in Ethereum technology through insightful talks, hands-on workshops, and a competitive hackathon, all featuring renowned experts.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, will be at ETHTaipei 2024 in person. In his highly anticipated speech, Vitalik will delve into the latest advancements and future directions of the Ethereum ecosystem. Following the Dencun upgrade with the network formally running EIP-4844, Vitalik will also timely join a panel among leaders of Layer 2s to discuss the progress of scaling Ethereum.

The four-day event will feature international conferences and a hackathon.

The conference agenda features in-depth sessions on key themes, focusing on ZK, DeFi, and Security. Learn from more than 40 acclaimed speakers representing Ethereum Foundation, Geth, Perpetual Protocol, Gnosis, Dedaub, and more as they cover Ethereum upgrades, MEV, Layer2, Autonomous World, and other trending topics. Interactive panel discussions will facilitate knowledge sharing and spark thought-provoking debates among industry leaders.

The hackathon will kick off on the evening of March 22nd. A 24-hour Hacker House will be provided on-site. Developers will need to complete their work within 40 hours based on the selected topics to compete for prizes. The hackathon is free to register. During the hacking period, there will be various workshops for developers to not only learn from each other but also have the opportunity to directly communicate with members from the top projects in the industry. This year, job matching opportunities will be open, giving developers the chance to not only earn prizes but also get job offers.

ETHTaipei proudly collaborates with renowned companies like Nuvo, XY Finance, Consensys, MintClub, Ora, BTSE, Lita, Zircuit, Harvest Finance, Dyson Finance, Term Structure and more. These industry leaders will showcase their latest blockchain products and engage with developers through demos, workshops, and discussions, fostering innovation and propelling the blockchain ecosystem forward.

For all developers seeking to expand their knowledge of Ethereum’s exciting new technologies and trends, ETHTaipei 2024 presents a golden opportunity to learn, collaborate, and network with top minds in the field.

ETHTaipei 2024 Event Information

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