Xociety Raises $7.5M to Launch Shooter Game on Sui Blockchain

  • NDUS Interactive has successfully secured $7.5 million in pre-Series A funding to develop the third-person shooter game, Xociety, on the Sui blockchain.
  • The financing round saw contributions from notable entities like Hashed, Sui Foundation, Spartan, Neoclassic, Big Brain Holdings, and game publisher Krafton.
  • NDUS founder Jeffry Kim stated, “This funding will enable us to merge traditional gaming elements with Web3 possibilities, moving away from ephemeral earning models.”

NDUS Interactive raises $7.5 million to develop Xociety on the Sui blockchain, innovating player engagement and economic systems within the gaming environment.

Funding Boost for Xociety on Sui Blockchain

NDUS Interactive announced a significant milestone as it secured $7.5 million in a pre-Series A funding round to advance the development of its highly anticipated third-person shooter game, Xociety. The funding round was spearheaded by Hashed and the Sui Foundation, with additional investments from Spartan, Neoclassic, Big Brain Holdings, and Krafton, a renowned PUBG game publisher.

Innovative Player Engagement Model

Jeffry Kim, the founder of NDUS Interactive, emphasized the company’s focus on creating a sustainable player engagement model. Unlike the short-lived earning models prevalent in some Web3 games, NDUS aims to combine traditional gaming virtues with the unique opportunities presented by Web3 technologies. This strategy involves implementing a new reward structure centered around player skill and in-game achievements.

Features and Future of Xociety

Xociety offers a unique gameplay experience by combining aspects of role-playing and first-person shooters. One of its standout features is the in-game corporation system, allowing players to own shares and manage economic entities within the game world. This innovative approach is designed to provide a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience, where players can influence the virtual economy through their in-game decisions.

Successful Beta Test and Expert Development Team

The recent beta testing phase for Xociety proved to be a resounding success, attracting over 3,000 users from 76 countries who collectively spent more than 11,000 hours playing the game. Notably, 77% of these users remained engaged for over a week, indicating a strong potential for long-term player retention. The game is being developed by industry veterans like Myoungjin Lee, known for Ragnarok, and Sang Chung, former head of PlayDapp.

Planned Launch and Future Events

A representative from Sui confirmed that Xociety is slated for an official release later this year, with the next play-to-mint event scheduled for July. Previous events in January and February allowed users to earn token rewards and gain access to NFT mint allowlists, demonstrating the game’s innovative use of blockchain technology to incentivize player participation.

Transition to Sui Blockchain

Although Xociety initially minted player-owned in-game avatars on the Ethereum blockchain, NDUS Interactive announced in April that the game would ultimately launch on the Sui blockchain. This move is expected to leverage the unique capabilities of the Sui platform to enhance gameplay and player engagement.


NDUS Interactive’s ambitious project, Xociety, is set to revolutionize the gaming landscape by blending traditional gaming elements with cutting-edge Web3 technologies. With a successful funding round, innovative gameplay features, and a dedicated development team, Xociety promises to offer a unique and engaging experience for gamers worldwide. As we look forward to its official launch, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the new possibilities that Xociety will bring to the table.

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