Binance Implements EU Stablecoin Restrictions: Impact on BNB and Platform Users

  • Binance, a top global cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled major alterations to its stablecoin policies in Europe.
  • The modifications are in response to new MiCA rules that take effect in the European Economic Area (EEA) at the end of June.
  • These changes will limit access to what Binance describes as “unauthorized” stablecoins.

Explore Binance’s latest adjustments to its stablecoin policies in Europe, adhering to the new MiCA regulations, and understand the potential impacts on users and trading activities.

Adjustment to MiCA’s Stablecoin Regulations

According to the updated regulations, only companies that are regulated can issue and offer stablecoins to the public, which will be termed “Regulated Stablecoins.”

Consequently, several stablecoins presently available may not meet the criteria and will face restrictions, classifying them as “Unauthorized Stablecoins.”

In a phased strategy announced by Binance, changes will be made to align with MiCA stablecoin regulations and to guide users through a smooth transition. These modifications will influence multiple product offerings on Binance.

From June 30 onwards, users in the EEA will encounter limitations on Unauthorized Stablecoins across Binance’s platform, including Binance Convert, Spot Trading, and Wallet services.

The exchange’s goal is to ensure market stability and abide by MiCA regulations, thus prohibiting new engagements with Unauthorized Stablecoins in any Binance product or service.

Comprehensive Impact on Binance Services

Various components of Binance will feel the impact of these changes. Rewards from the Rewards Center, campaigns, and referrals will shift to being distributed in Regulated Stablecoins, BNB, or other tokens.

On June 29, spot copy trading services will be discontinued for EEA users. Participants in this service should close their positions and transfer funds to their Spot Wallets before this deadline.

Additionally, margin trading will see restrictions: new borrowings and collateral transfers involving Unauthorized Stablecoins into Margin Wallets will be blocked, although existing margin loans remain unaffected for now.

Binance encourages margin traders to adjust their holdings and close loans involving Unauthorized Stablecoins, though current holdings remain tradable until further notice.

Further Adjustments in Binance’s Offerings

Binance’s ecosystem will undergo other notable changes in response to these regulations. Key features affected include Launchpad, Launchpool, Simple Earn, Loans & VIP Loans, Auto-Invest, and several more across the platform, with specific restrictions tailored to Unauthorized Stablecoins.

As of the latest updates, Binance’s native token, BNB, is trading at $623, reflecting a recovery trend in the broader market with a 4.5% increase over the past 24 hours.


Binance’s compliance with the new MiCA stablecoin regulations represents a significant shift in the European crypto landscape. Users and traders within the EEA will need to navigate these changes diligently, ensuring their activities are aligned with the new standards. This development underscores the growing regulatory scrutiny and adaptation within the cryptocurrency sector.

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