Bitcoin Whales on Bybit and HTX Open Massive Long Positions Amid Price Dip

  • Bitcoin whales on leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bybit and HTX are significantly raising their long positions at the current market levels.
  • These developments are critical as they indicate a potential shift in market sentiment among large investors on these platforms.
  • CryptoQuant founder Ki Young Ju has underscored this trend using indicators like the Taker Buy Sell Ratio, which highlights a notable bullish sentiment.

Discover why Bitcoin whales are strongly bullish on the cryptocurrency, focusing on recent long positions on Bybit and HTX. Explore the market sentiment and its potential future implications.

Bitcoin Whales Show Increasing Long Positions on Bybit and HTX

In recent observations, Bitcoin whales on both Bybit and HTX exchanges have been seen opening substantial long positions, suggesting a buoyant outlook on Bitcoin’s future price movements. This insight is derived from the Taker Buy Sell Ratio, an indicator that measures the ratio of taker buy volume to taker sell volume, providing a snapshot of market sentiment in the derivatives market.

The Significance of the Taker Buy Sell Ratio

The Taker Buy Sell Ratio is pivotal as its value over 1 denotes greater long volume compared to short volume, hinting at a bullish sentiment. When this ratio dips below 1, it implies the market is skewed towards a bearish outlook. Recent data revealed by Ki Young Ju shows that this ratio has spiked dramatically on HTX, signaling that whales on this platform have initiated significant long bets amid the dip to the $69,000 price level.

Comparative Analysis: Bybit and HTX

A detailed examination by CryptoQuant’s Ki Young Ju indicates that although the Taker Buy Sell Ratio on HTX has surged significantly, Bybit has also seen a notable increase. This pattern signifies a unified bullish sentiment amongst major investors on these exchanges. While Bybit’s surge is substantial, it doesn’t match the exceptional levels observed on HTX, further highlighting HTX whales’ robust confidence in Bitcoin’s price recovery.

Current Bitcoin Price Movement

Despite the substantial long positions taken by whales, Bitcoin’s price has been relatively stagnant following its recent decline, still hovering around the $69,420 mark. This price stability suggests a period of consolidation, with market participants possibly awaiting further catalysts or market signals.

Future Market Implications

The actions of these whale investors can serve as a precursor to larger market trends. Should their bullish bets materialize positively, it could attract more retail and institutional investors, potentially driving up Bitcoin’s price. Conversely, if the market moves against these positions, it may incite volatility and corrective actions from these major players.


In summary, the substantial long positions by Bitcoin whales on Bybit and HTX are indicative of a strong bullish sentiment among large-scale investors. The recent spikes in the Taker Buy Sell Ratio highlight their confidence in a price rebound from recent lows. As Bitcoin continues to trade sideways, the market remains watchful of these significant moves, which could prelude substantial price actions in the near future.

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