Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Urges US Voters to Prioritize Crypto in Upcoming Elections

  • Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has recently urged US voters to consider the impact of their electoral choices on the future of cryptocurrency.
  • In a passionate address, he highlighted the potential economic, political, and social benefits that blockchain technology could bring to the United States.
  • Hoskinson’s candid comments emphasize the urgency of adopting a more favorable regulatory approach to ensure the progression of the American cryptocurrency industry.

Charles Hoskinson calls on US voters to make cryptocurrency a priority in the upcoming elections to avert economic setbacks and foster industry growth.

Scrutiny over SEC’s Regulatory Tactics

Central to Hoskinson’s address is his critique of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) “regulation by enforcement” strategy. He contends that this method has resulted in significant job losses and hindered the growth of a trillion-dollar industry. The ongoing regulatory friction, according to Hoskinson, threatens to stifle innovation and economic development within the United States’ cryptocurrency sector.

International Regulatory Comparisons

Hoskinson highlighted how other countries, such as Singapore and Switzerland, have fostered cryptocurrency innovation through clear and supportive regulatory frameworks. In contrast, he argued that the restrictive regulatory environment in the US has deterred companies from investing locally, pushing them to seek more accommodating jurisdictions. This comparative analysis underscores the need for the US to re-evaluate its regulatory stance to remain competitive on the global stage.

Industry Leaders Echo Concerns

Other prominent voices in the cryptocurrency industry support Hoskinson’s viewpoint. Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, and the Winklevoss twins have also criticized the current regulatory climate. These influential figures are mobilizing resources to lobby for regulatory reforms, transforming the crypto lobby into a substantial political force capable of swaying public policy decisions.

Economic Implications of Electoral Choices

The forthcoming elections could mark a pivotal moment for the US cryptocurrency industry. Voters are encouraged to consider the long-term economic implications of their choices. As discussions around cryptocurrency regulation gain momentum, the decisions made at the ballot box could have lasting impacts on the nation’s economic and technological future. Industry leaders like Hoskinson continue to emphasize the critical nature of these choices, advocating for policies that will enable innovation and growth within the sector.


Charles Hoskinson’s call to action is a stark reminder of the significant influence that regulatory policies can have on the future of the American cryptocurrency industry. By urging voters to prioritize cryptocurrency in the upcoming elections, Hoskinson emphasizes the need for a more supportive and forward-thinking regulatory environment. The outcome of this electoral cycle could be decisive in shaping the trajectory of blockchain technology and its applications within the United States.

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