Crypto Billionaire Cathie Wood Reveals Key Reason Behind Potential Ethereum (ETH) Spot ETF Approval and Solana (SOL) ETF Prospects

  • Ethereum Spot ETF approvals have sparked significant discussions in the crypto community.
  • ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood attributes the approval to the influence of cryptocurrencies on U.S. elections.
  • Wood expressed her surprise at the swift approval process, which deviated from the usual SEC scrutiny.

Discover the intriguing reasons behind the sudden approval of Ethereum Spot ETFs and their potential impact on the financial landscape.

Unexpected Approval of Ethereum Spot ETFs

In a surprising turn of events, the proposed Ethereum Spot ETFs received approval much faster than anticipated. ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood, speaking at the Consensus 2024 event, highlighted her astonishment at the expedited process. Typically, such approvals involve a rigorous review by the SEC, including numerous inquiries and assessments. However, this time, the process was notably streamlined, raising questions about the underlying motivations.

Political Influence and the Upcoming U.S. Elections

Wood suggested that the approval might be linked to the upcoming U.S. elections. She pointed out that the 21st Century Financial Innovation and Technology Act (FIT21), which recently passed with bipartisan support, underscores the growing political significance of cryptocurrencies. The act’s passage indicates that digital assets could become a pivotal issue in the election year, potentially influencing voter sentiment and campaign strategies.

Former President Trump’s Stance on Cryptocurrencies

Adding a political dimension to the discussion, Wood noted former President Trump’s recent positive remarks about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Trump announced that his campaign would accept donations in crypto, signaling a shift in his administration’s stance towards digital assets. This move could further legitimize cryptocurrencies and encourage broader acceptance among the electorate.

Future Prospects for Crypto ETFs

Looking ahead, Wood sees potential for the approval of other crypto ETFs, such as those focused on Solana. However, she remains skeptical about the viability of meme coin-centric funds. According to Wood, major brokerage firms and investment advisory companies are likely to remain cautious, preferring to stick with more established digital assets rather than venturing into the volatile meme coin market.


The sudden approval of Ethereum Spot ETFs has sparked considerable debate, with political factors and the upcoming U.S. elections playing a significant role. Cathie Wood’s insights shed light on the broader implications of this development, suggesting that cryptocurrencies are poised to become a central issue in the political arena. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, the approval of additional crypto ETFs could further cement the role of digital assets in mainstream finance.

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