Cybercriminals Hack Sydney Sweeney’s X Account to Promote Fake Solana-Based Coin ‘SWEENEY’

  • Cryptocurrency fraud remains a significant concern as cybercriminals continue to exploit prominent platforms, evidenced by a recent attack leveraging actress Sydney Sweeney’s compromised X (formerly Twitter) account to promote a fake Solana-based meme coin, “SWEENEY.”
  • This scam capitalized on Sweeney’s popularity to lure unsuspecting fans into investing, offering false promises of bonuses and exclusive opportunities.
  • Not only did this incident draw comparisons to similar high-profile hacks, but it also underscored the persistent vulnerability of social media in the crypto space.

Sydney Sweeney’s social media breach underscores the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures in the digital asset space, highlighting the risks celebrity endorsements pose to retail investors.

Sydney Sweeney’s X Account Compromised to Promote Fake Solana Meme Coin

On Tuesday, Sydney Sweeney became the latest target of cybercriminals when her X account was compromised to promote a fraudulent Solana-based meme coin called “SWEENEY.” This incident mirrors past exploits involving celebrities and suspicious crypto tokens, including instances with 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan.

Following the breach, hackers utilized Sweeney’s high-profile status to post deceptive messages and links, encouraging her followers to invest in the phony cryptocurrency. One notable post stated, “Going live on spaces soon, stay tuned to see what SWEENEY can do,” effectively misleading her substantial follower base.

These deceptive posts directed users to a website claiming to sell the fake Solana meme coin. The compromise became evident when quick interventions led to the recovery of Sweeney’s account and the removal of these fraudulent posts.

Reports indicate that shortly after the scam’s launch, the fake meme coin saw a significant surge in trading activity, amassing over $10 million within two hours. However, despite this brief trading frenzy, the coin’s value plummeted by approximately 90% once the fraudulent posts were eliminated.

This marks the second breach of Sweeney’s account within a year, with an earlier incident in January also involving the promotion of another questionable Solana-based token.

Hollywood Celebrity Hacks on the Rise?

Sweeney’s breach is part of a worrying trend, with another recent high-profile hack involving Tom Holland. In April, hackers took control of Holland’s X account, falsely claiming a collaboration with Binance to launch a “Spiderverse” cryptocurrency.

Such incidents reveal an increasing tendency among cybercriminals to exploit celebrity accounts to advance cryptocurrency scams. These fraudulent activities highlight the critical need for users to practice caution when engaging with digital assets, especially those touted through celebrity endorsements.

Additionally, these events emphasize the importance of verifying the legitimacy of investment opportunities and the vigilant scrutiny of digital profiles before taking any financial action.


The repeated hacking incidents of high-profile individuals underscore the vulnerabilities within social media platforms and the crypto market’s exploitation. For investors, these events serve as a sobering reminder to exercise due diligence, ensuring that investment decisions are made based on credible information rather than the allure of celebrity endorsements. As the crypto market continues to grow, heightened awareness and reinforced security measures are crucial in protecting individual and institutional investors alike.

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