Exciting Updates: PEPE Coin (PEPE) and Four Other Altcoins Announce New Partnerships

  • The world of cryptocurrency is buzzing with recent developments, including a major attack on Predy Finance, a partnership between Maple Finance and Figment, and a significant deposit of PEPE Coin by Wintermute to Binance.
  • These events have stirred up the crypto market, leading to significant shifts in trading volumes and market values.
  • “The crypto market is in a state of constant flux, and these recent events are a testament to that,” says an industry expert.

Explore the latest developments in the crypto world, including an attack on Predy Finance, a partnership between Maple Finance and Figment, and a significant deposit of PEPE Coin by Wintermute to Binance.

Predy Finance Suffers Major Attack

According to CyversAlerts, Predy Finance, an Arbitrum on-chain DEX, has been attacked, resulting in a loss of approximately $464,000. The hacker has reportedly transferred about $293,000 worth of the stolen funds to the ETH main-net and stored the funds in an address starting with 0XeDe4. The remaining $217,000 worth of WETH is still being held by the attacker in a wallet starting with 0X76b0.

Maple Finance Partners with Figment

In other news, digital asset lending platform Maple Finance has announced a partnership with collateral infrastructure provider Figment. This partnership will allow Maple Finance to leverage Figment’s enterprise-level collateral services, enhancing its position as a hub for digital asset loans. The collaboration also facilitates the staking of digital assets, increasing lender rewards and providing more competitive borrowing rates by improving capital efficiency during loan distribution.

Wintermute Deposits Massive Amount of PEPE Coin to Binance

On-chain watchers report that Wintermute has deposited approximately 105.144 billion PEPE Coin to Binance, equivalent to about $1.1688 million. This deposit comes amid a surge in PEPE Coin’s trading volume and market value, with the coin experiencing a 322% increase in trading volume over the last 24 hours, reaching $2.76 billion. This unprecedented surge in activity has propelled PEPE to its all-time high, surpassing Uniswap with a market value of $4.46 billion and becoming the 23rd largest cryptocurrency by market value.


These recent developments in the crypto market underscore the dynamic and volatile nature of the industry. As Predy Finance grapples with the aftermath of a major attack, Maple Finance is poised to enhance its services through a strategic partnership with Figment. Meanwhile, the significant deposit of PEPE Coin by Wintermute to Binance has stirred up the market, leading to a surge in PEPE Coin’s trading volume and market value. As always, investors are advised to stay informed and tread carefully in this ever-changing landscape.

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