German Government’s Bitcoin Sell-Off Continues, Institutional Investors Buy the Dip

  • The German government continues to offload its significant Bitcoin holdings, inciting a notable selling pressure on the cryptocurrency market.
  • Recently, on-chain data revealed that the German government still possesses a considerable amount of Bitcoin.
  • Quotations from industry experts shed light on the rationale behind this sustained liquidation.

Discover how Germany’s Bitcoin offloading and institutional investors’ buying spree shape the crypto market dynamics.

Germany Continues Offloading Massive Bitcoin Holdings

According to data from Arkham Intelligence, the German government still holds nearly 24,000 BTC, valued at approximately $1.42 billion. Recent transactions indicate an ongoing effort to liquidate these holdings, with over 1,100 BTC transferred to exchanges and market makers in the last 24 hours. Notably, a substantial transfer of 800 BTC was made to the crypto exchange Kraken, highlighting the scale of these operations.

The Origin of Germany’s Bitcoin Holdings

The necessity behind this systematic liquidation stems from a significant seizure earlier this year. German authorities confiscated nearly 50,000 BTC from the operators of the pirated movie website, Movie2k. Following a court ruling in the state of Saxony, where the movie website was found guilty of money laundering, these assets are bound to be liquidated as per legal procedures.

Institutional Investors Capitalize on the Bitcoin Dip

Despite the downward pressure from governmental sales, institutional investors are seizing the opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin. For the third consecutive day, Spot Bitcoin ETFs have reported net inflows, with a notable net flow of $216.4 million on July 9. This follows significant inflows of $294.8 million and $143.1 million on July 8 and 5, respectively, according to Farside investors.

The Impact on Bitcoin’s Market Performance

These strategic acquisitions by institutional investors have helped stabilize and even boost Bitcoin’s price amidst heavy selling. The recent buying spree has pushed Bitcoin’s price to nearly $60,000, reflecting a 3% increase over the last 24 hours, as reported by CoinMarketCap. This trend underscores the growing confidence of institutional investors in Bitcoin’s long-term potential despite short-term market fluctuations.


The German government’s continued liquidation of its Bitcoin holdings, resulting from legal mandates, has significantly impacted market dynamics. However, the dip has been met with a bullish response from institutional investors eager to capitalize on lower prices. This interplay of selling pressure and strategic buying highlights the intricate balance influencing Bitcoin’s market behavior, offering insights into future trends for investors and analysts alike.

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