IO Coin Set to Launch on Binance As IO.NET Announces Sudden CEO Resignation

  • The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is experiencing significant shifts with IO.NET right before a crucial date.
  • IO.NET, a decentralized infrastructure provider (DePIN) built on Solana, has undergone a major leadership change.
  • Co-founder Ahmad Shadid has stepped down as CEO amid certain allegations concerning his past.

Amid significant leadership changes at IO.NET, discover the latest developments from the Solana-based decentralized infrastructure provider supported by Binance.

CEO’s Resignation Shakes IO.NET’s Leadership

Ahmad Shadid, one of the founding members and the current CEO of IO.NET, has announced his resignation from his position. This surprising move comes in light of some undisclosed allegations pertaining to his past. Shadid stated, “I am stepping down to ensure that IO.NET can continue to grow and succeed without any distractions caused by these recent claims.”

New Leadership: Tory Green Steps Up as CEO

Following Shadid’s resignation, Tory Green, another co-founder who was serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), will now take on the role of CEO. This transition is expected to be smooth, considering Green’s experience and close involvement with IO.NET’s operations since its inception.

Implications of the Change Before Token Launch

The timing of this leadership change is notable as IO.NET is set to launch its cryptocurrency token IO imminently. This token has been listed as the 55th project in Binance’s Launchpool, and Binance will be the first platform to list this token. Users were permitted to accumulate IO tokens over a four-day period before the official market introduction.

Binance has made the strategic decision to introduce IO trading pairs with Turkish Lira, BTC, USDT, BNB, and FDUSD, with a maximum supply capped at 800 million tokens. This launch is highly anticipated, and IO.NET’s strategic steps are closely watched by market analysts and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Community Concerns and Shadid’s Justification

In response to the community’s concerns regarding his resignation just days before the token launch, Shadid remarked, “I have to make the wisest decision for the good of the IO community. This is no longer about me; it’s about all of you.” Despite stepping down, Shadid remains supportive of IO.NET and its mission.


The resignation of Ahmad Shadid marks a pivotal moment for IO.NET as it approaches a significant milestone with the launch of its IO token. With Tory Green stepping in as the new CEO, the company strives to maintain its upward trajectory and focus on growth without distractions. The unfolding events will likely shape the future course of IO.NET and its place in the competitive cryptocurrency landscape.

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