Peter Schiff Predicts Major Ethereum Crash to $1,500 Amid Whale Sell-Off

  • Renowned economist and crypto skeptic Peter Schiff recently predicted a significant drop for leading altcoin Ethereum.
  • According to Schiff, Ethereum could potentially plummet to $1,500.
  • Meanwhile, large Ethereum holders, known as whales, are scrambling to repay their debts amidst the price decline.

Economist Peter Schiff predicts a major decline for Ethereum, suggesting it could fall to $1,500, as whales rush to cover their debts.

Peter Schiff Predicts a 50% Decline for Ethereum

Renowned economist Peter Schiff has issued a stark warning regarding the leading altcoin Ethereum, foreseeing a potential drop to $1,500. Schiff, known for his critical stance on cryptocurrencies, noted that Ethereum has breached significant support levels, drawing parallels to similar trends he had previously observed with Bitcoin. Currently trading below $2,900, Ethereum has already seen a 30% decline from its peak in March. Schiff pointed out that the market appears to be prematurely reacting to the anticipated launch of an Ethereum ETF, with investors seemingly selling off in anticipation of the news. According to Schiff, this speculative behavior is contributing to the downward pressure on Ethereum’s price.

Market Reactions and Whale Activities

As the crypto market continues to experience volatility, Ethereum whales are actively moving their holdings. Data from the crypto analytics platform Lookonchain reveals that whales are transferring significant amounts of Ethereum to major exchanges like Binance to repay debts. Specifically, three whales recently deposited approximately 28,558 ETH, worth around $82.2 million, to Binance. This move is believed to be a strategy to avoid liquidation as Ethereum’s price drops, a common risk for traders using leverage.

Deeper Market Implications and Analyst Insights

The broader implications of Schiff’s prediction and the whale activities are significant. The liquidation threats facing many large holders could have a cascading effect on the market. The dynamics at play highlight the risks associated with leveraged trading and the potential for substantial losses when market conditions turn unexpectedly. This phenomenon was notably exemplified by the recent liquidation troubles of Curve Finance founder Michael Egorov, which served as a stark reminder of the volatility and risks within the crypto space.


In summary, Peter Schiff’s prediction of a steep decline to $1,500 for Ethereum underscores the heightened uncertainty in the crypto market. As whales scramble to repay their debts amidst the dropping prices, the market is on high alert for further volatility. Investors are advised to remain cautious and stay informed about ongoing market developments to navigate this tumultuous period effectively.

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