Polygon (MATIC) Set for Potential 1,000% Rally According to Analyst Predictions

  • Polygon (MATIC) is displaying signs of bullish momentum after an extended period of bearish behavior, suggesting a potential significant upward movement.
  • Renowned crypto analyst, World of Charts, forecasts that Polygon could achieve a massive 1,000% increase if it follows this bullish trajectory.
  • The analyst anticipates price targets for MATIC ranging between $4 and $5 in the midterm, with even higher potential in the long term.

Discover why Polygon (MATIC) could be poised for a significant rally, with expert predictions pointing towards substantial long-term gains. Explore key insights and emerging trends propelling this altcoin’s potential surge.

Potential Midterm Surge to $5 for Polygon

World of Charts has recently shared an optimistic projection for Polygon, suggesting that MATIC could surge to between $4 and $5 in the midterm. This prediction, shared in a post on X (formerly Twitter), highlights the notion that this might be the last optimal moment to accumulate the token before a robust bullish wave commences, anticipated to coincide with an upcoming altcoin season.

Diving deeper into his analysis, World of Charts suggests that Polygon might experience even greater increases in the long run. He alludes to the possibility of MATIC reaching up to $40 by the end of the year or within 2025, while a price target of $10 to $12 appears to be a more attainable milestone in the shorter term.

Supporting these bullish predictions, data from IntoTheBlock—a market intelligence platform—shows a favorable trend in several of Polygon’s on-chain metrics. Among these metrics, the surge in large transactions indicates significant accumulation by crypto whales, further hinting at an impending price hike for MATIC.

Currently, MATIC trades at approximately $0.56. This positioning suggests that Polygon is well-placed to benefit from the projected altcoin rally, particularly as it is closely associated with the Ethereum ecosystem, which is expected to spearhead the altcoin season potentially initiated by the Spot Ethereum ETFs.

Turning Bullish on Polygon: Market Analysts Weigh In

CrediBUL Crypto, another prominent crypto analyst, echoes the sentiment of an impending bullish reversal for Polygon. He indicated a recent inclination to end his short positions on MATIC, signaling a readiness to shift to a bullish stance. Complementing this view, analyst Mayor of Matic has pointed out a wedge pattern in Polygon’s chart, suggesting that a breakout from this formation could be significantly powerful.

Further validation comes from analyst Crypt Kaleo, who noted Polygon’s potential for a strong upward move as early as March. Considering the extended period of price consolidation, this parabolic move could materialize sooner, with the critical question being whether MATIC can reach the $5 mark as predicted by World of Charts.

Currently priced around $0.56 and experiencing a slight decline of over 2% in recent trading sessions (CoinMarketCap data), Polygon’s near-term movements remain under close scrutiny by the crypto community.


In conclusion, the combination of bullish technical signals, positive on-chain metrics, and favorable analyst projections positions Polygon (MATIC) as a potential strong performer in the upcoming altcoin season. While immediate price targets suggest a climb to $4-$5, long-term forecasts are even more optimistic. Investors and traders may find this an intriguing opportunity, with the potential for significant future returns on the horizon.

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