Popüler Analiste Göre SEI’nin Yükselişi Kaçınılmaz!

  • In a rapidly evolving market, prominent analysts predict significant movements for several altcoins.
  • Amidst the ongoing developments, a notable meme coin maintains the spotlight.
  • Analysts foresee substantial gains for specific assets mirroring past bullish trends.

Get the latest expert predictions on emerging altcoins and their potential in our detailed crypto news article.

Sei (SEI) Price Prediction: Potential Upswing on the Horizon

Renowned crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe projects a bullish phase for Sei (SEI). According to van de Poppe, “a new upward momentum round seems inevitable” for SEI. He notes that since January, SEI has depreciated approximately 70% against Bitcoin (SEI/BTC). Van de Poppe’s daily chart analysis suggests that SEI might find support around the 0.0000006 BTC (0.42 USD) level.

Predictions for Trump’s-Inspired Meme Coin: Massive Surge Expected

Keeping a close eye on the US presidential race, analysts anticipate a surge in meme coins, especially those inspired by notable figures like Donald Trump. Pseudonymous analyst Altcoin Sherpa asserts that Maga (TRUMP) is set for a significant increase despite minor pullbacks. He comments:

“TRUMP remains one of my holdings. Having retraced to the 0.50 Fibonacci level, I plan to add to my position. Given the prevailing narrative leading up to the elections, TRUMP will likely gain more attention from mainstream media, driving its price higher.”

Altcoin Sherpa’s analysis indicates that TRUMP might reach USD 18 by late June or early July, despite currently trading at USD 12.82. With a 3.2% gain in the past 24 hours, TRUMP has showcased incredible performance, escalating from USD 0.0199 on October 7 to its current position, a staggering 61,759% increase.

Avalanche (AVAX) Price Prediction: Poised for a Massive Rally

Notorious analyst Kaleo posits that Avalanche (AVAX) is on the verge of a significant uptrend, closely resembling its 2021 price action against Bitcoin (BTC). Kaleo states, “The AVAX/BTC chart seems to be at a similar stage as in July 2021. After substantial gains at the year’s start and subsequent downturns, the coin is gearing up for another bull run, indicating a calm before the storm.”

This analysis suggests that AVAX/BTC, which rallied by 733% from approximately 0.0003 BTC in July 2021 to around 0.0025 BTC in December 2021, could experience a similar surge. The projection indicates a potential rise to 0.0014 BTC (approximately USD 99.87), aligning with its past pattern.


The observations and predictions offered by analysts highlight key opportunities within the crypto market. SEI, TRUMP, and AVAX present promising prospects for investors. However, due diligence and thorough research are crucial before making any investment decisions.

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