Revolutionizing DeFi: Orderly Network Unifies Liquidity for Ethereum and Beyond

  • Omnichain infrastructure is transforming DeFi by unifying liquidity across blockchains.
  • Liquidity fragmentation has become a significant issue within the DeFi space, with over $100 billion in assets currently locked.
  • Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum are anticipated to escalate its market cap to $1 trillion by 2030, despite exacerbating liquidity fragmentation issues.

Discover how omnichain infrastructure and Orderly Network are reshaping DeFi, tackling liquidity fragmentation, and boosting market participation.

Addressing Liquidity Fragmentation in DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is rapidly growing, but liquidity fragmentation has emerged as a critical obstacle. A recent survey reveals that over $100 billion in assets are trapped within DeFi protocols, causing reduced market efficiency due to fragmented liquidity. This challenge threatens the robustness and scalability of DeFi, emphasizing the need for unified liquidity solutions.

Impact of Layer 2 Solutions on Ethereum

Layer 2 (L2) technologies, designed to enhance blockchain scalability, significantly affect Ethereum’s market dynamics. Projections suggest that L2 solutions will propel Ethereum’s market cap to an unprecedented $1 trillion by 2030. However, the burgeoning number of L2 networks, which have surged by 40% over the past year, intensifies liquidity fragmentation, complicating asset management and transaction efficiency.

Orderly Network: Innovating with Cross-Chain Solutions

Orderly Network is pioneering in the DeFi sector with its omnichain trading infrastructure, aiming to consolidate liquidity across various blockchains. This liquidity layer enhances both the user trading experience and market efficiency. Core to this innovation is the Orderly Chain, which serves as the central ledger for transactions and user balances. Leveraging the OP Stack, Orderly Chain ensures smooth deployment and operation of blockchain applications.

Operational Mechanics and Security

Orderly combines a traditional order book-based trading system with a robust liquidity layer for both spot and perpetual trading. Utilizing Celestia for data availability and LayerZero for cross-chain interoperability, Orderly Network ensures continuous data access and seamless blockchain interactions. This architecture supports efficient trading operations, with Orderly Network being a significant user of both Celestia and LayerZero networks.

Expanding Functionalities and Use Cases

Orderly Network supports a range of applications via its permissionless liquidity layer. Wallets and custodians can offer the best swap rates for assets, while trading desks and advanced traders benefit from a centralized exchange-like experience with low-latency order execution. The network’s extensive liquidity allows spot and perpetual aggregators to secure optimal market rates, drive volumes, and earn trading fees.

Integration with dApps and Trading Bots

Orderly Network enhances user experiences in decentralized applications (dApps) and games through in-game token swap widgets. Trading bots can optimize trades with features such as gasless transactions and customizable fees, leveraging Orderly’s superior spot and perpetual rates. Comprehensive hedging tools available through Orderly’s extensive order book assist traders in managing risks across various exchanges.

Milestones and Growth Trajectory

Orderly Network has reached substantial milestones, including surpassing $50 billion in cumulative transaction volume. The total value locked (TVL) doubled to $40 million within a month. The network operates vaults across six major blockchain ecosystems—Near, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and Mantle—and has expanded its infrastructure to the Ethereum mainnet, optimizing asset transfers across supported chains. With over 14 decentralized exchanges (DEXs) integrating Orderly, it ranks prominently on DeFiLlama’s lists of top platforms.

Community Engagement and Future Plans

Orderly has rolled out “The Road to the Order” campaign, a gamified initiative awarding active traders with “Merits” leading up to the upcoming token airdrop. This campaign, now in its 11th epoch, has engaged over 57,000 weekly active traders. Future plans include introducing isolated margins for enhanced risk management and multi-collateral functionalities to broaden the range of assets used as collateral, setting new standards for DeFi trading and liquidity management.


Orderly Network is at the forefront of addressing the liquidity fragmentation issue plaguing DeFi by unifying liquidity across multiple blockchains. With its advanced trading infrastructure, robust security, and user-friendly functionalities, it not only boosts the DeFi landscape but also sets a precedent for future financial innovations. As the network continues to evolve, it promises to enhance market efficiency, promote wider adoption, and secure the future of decentralized finance.

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