Ripple Advances in Georgia With Digital Lari Project Amid XRP Decline

  • Ripple is actively working to broaden its influence in Georgia.
  • Executives from Ripple have had discussions with the National Bank of Georgia (NBG).
  • The NBG has previously designated Ripple as the technology partner for its CBDC project, Digital Lari.

Discover how Ripple is planning to revolutionize the Georgian digital economy through strategic collaborations and advanced technological partnerships.

Ripple’s Strategic Expansion in Georgia

In an ambitious move to cement its presence in Georgia, Ripple has engaged in high-level discussions with the National Bank of Georgia (NBG). Recent communications, shared by Ripple’s CBDC Advisor Antony Welfare, revealed that key Ripple executives, including Vice President James Wallis and EPAM Systems’ representative Alistair Brown, explored potential collaboration opportunities with NBG.

Key Focus of the Ripple-NBG Meeting

A central theme of the Ripple executives’ conversation with the NBG was the exploration of collaborative avenues aimed at the digitalization of the Georgian economy. Antony Welfare shared a screenshot that summarized the focus of their dialogue, underscoring Ripple’s commitment to the digital transformation of Georgia.

Ripple’s Role in NBG’s Digital Transformation

Ripple’s position as the official technology partner for NBG’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project, Digital Lari, further illustrates their deep integration within the Georgian financial ecosystem. This collaboration was formalized in a press release dated November 2, 2023, where Ripple highlighted their selection after a rigorous and competitive evaluation process.

Why Ripple Was Chosen

The National Bank of Georgia recognized Ripple’s in-depth understanding of the project’s objectives and the company’s unwavering commitment to ensuring its success. NBG cited Ripple’s robust project development roadmap, clear strategies for sustainable business continuity, and phased approach to deploying use-cases. Furthermore, Ripple’s extensive experience in executing live pilot projects, including key components like primary CBDC infrastructure, smart contracts, and tokenization, played a pivotal role in their selection.

Current Market Trends for Ripple’s XRP

Despite these strategic developments, Ripple’s native token XRP has been facing a downward trend in the market. Currently priced at $0.4941, XRP has seen a 0.96% drop in the past day. Over the last week, XRP has experienced a more considerable decline of 4.65%, extending to a 5.35% decrease over the past month. This is further compounded by a sharp 66% decline in the 24-hour trading volume, indicating a diminishing interest within the investor community.


Ripple’s proactive engagement with the National Bank of Georgia and their role in the Digital Lari project underscores their strategic intent to drive digitalization within the Georgian economy. While XRP’s current market performance is underwhelming, Ripple’s long-term technological partnerships and strategic projects suggest a robust foundation for future growth. Investors and stakeholders will be closely monitoring these developments and their potential impact on XRP’s market trajectory.

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