Ripple CTO Debunks Rumors: XRP Remains Central to Company’s Future Plans

  • The CTO of Ripple, David Schwartz, has addressed recent rumors suggesting that Ripple might cut ties with its association with the XRP token.
  • XRP has been a core utility of Ripple, and any speculation regarding its abandonment could adversely affect its market value.
  • Schwartz clarified through an X (formerly Twitter) post that the misunderstanding stemmed from an incorrect interpretation of an image he posted online.

Ripple’s CTO sets the record straight on the company’s intention with XRP amidst swirling rumors.

Ripple Reaffirms Its Commitment to XRP

In a recent post on X (previously known as Twitter), David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, firmly debunked rumors that suggested Ripple was planning to part ways with its native token, XRP. This speculation started when an X user, @AspenSignals, misinterpreted Schwartz’s cover photo, questioning Ripple’s commitment to XRP based on the image.

Rumor Origins and Clarification

The image in question implied a scenario where Ripple might be distancing itself from XRP due to widespread corruption in the financial sector, potentially hindering their objective of promoting instant payment services utilizing XRP. Schwartz quickly responded, indicating that the controversial image was related to a fictional pitch for a movie and did not reflect the company’s real-world position. This clarification was crucial, especially considering Ripple’s ongoing legal confrontations with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which have placed significant strain on the company.

Legal Battles and Regulatory Challenges

The SEC’s legal actions against Ripple have had tangible repercussions on its operations. Allegations emerged suggesting a calculated enforcement against Ripple, partly influenced by Ethereum insider Steven Nerayoff. These challenges could potentially compel Ripple to reconsider its stance on XRP due to the relentless regulatory scrutiny. Since XRP is at the core of Ripple’s cross-border payment services and the company holds nearly half of the token’s total supply, rumors of abandonment understandably caused concern among community members.

XRP’s Place in Ripple’s Strategic Vision

Monica Long, Ripple’s President, also weighed in during a recent interview with CNBC, reinforcing that XRP remains integral to Ripple’s future strategies. When asked about the necessity of XRP in light of Ripple’s planned stablecoin launch, Long emphasized that XRP continues to be vital to the company’s operations. She mentioned that Ripple leverages a range of assets to address the diverse needs of its payment system.

Unique Role and Future Use Cases of XRP

Monica Long highlighted XRP’s unique role as a bridge asset, facilitating transactions across a broad spectrum of currency pairs. She also alluded to prospective applications, noting that XRP will play a crucial role as Ripple embraces tokenization of more assets on the blockchain. By providing liquidity to these on-chain assets, XRP will remain a cornerstone of Ripple’s strategy going forward.


In summary, Ripple’s leadership has effectively quashed the unfounded rumors concerning a potential abandonment of XRP. By asserting the strategic importance of XRP in the company’s ecosystem, Ripple has reassured its community and stakeholders. Moving forward, XRP will continue to support Ripple’s vision of transforming the financial sector through innovative blockchain solutions.

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