Ripple (XRP) Strengthens Position as Leading Digital Asset Custodian in Latest Strategic Move

  • Ripple is transitioning into a full-service digital asset custody provider, following its acquisition of Metaco, a Swiss-based leader in the sector, for $250 million in May 2023.
  • This development represents a significant expansion of the fintech’s capabilities into the institutional crypto custody market—a segment that is expected to experience substantial growth over the next decade.
  • The integration of Metaco’s offerings into Ripple’s services was formally announced via X.

Ripple expands into institutional crypto custody market with Metaco acquisition, offering a comprehensive suite of digital asset services.

Integration Of Metaco’s Solutions On Ripple’s Platform

The integration of Metaco’s offerings into Ripple’s services was formally announced via X. In a statement shared on the platform, Metaco declared, “All Metaco updates and news for institutional-grade custody solutions can now be found on Ripple. This move allows us to better connect with our community and provide even more valuable insights.” This move underscores a strategic alignment and integration of technologies and services between the two companies.

Implications of the Integration

A prominent figure within the XRP community, WrathofKahneman, highlighted the implications of this integration by stating, “And there we are. The web frontend for Metaco is now Ripple’s ‘Institutional Digital Asset Custody Platform’ page. Gets interesting from here!” The integration raised several questions within the community regarding its impact on different investor classes and the overall strategy. Addressing these concerns, WrathofKahneman speculated, “At face value, it doesn’t add too much new information; we knew Ripple acquired Metaco. It suggests to me the key role licensed custody plays in Ripple’s plans moving forward, so much so that despite initial claims, they seem to increasingly integrate (absorb) Metaco.”

Ripple: A Complete Digital Asset Custody Service

Chad Steingraber, another prominent community member, further emphasized the significance of this shift, remarking, “Ripple is now a complete Digital Asset Custody Service.” This reflects a general consensus that the company has evolved from its origins as a payment protocol to a more diverse financial technology platform offering institutional-grade digital asset services.

Service Capabilities of the New Platform

The new subpage offers a comprehensive outline of the service capabilities: “Access the entire digital asset ecosystem today. Scale bespoke business models in new markets with the digital asset economy. Custody is critical to unlocking value, addressing growing demand for new asset classes, and building novel use cases across asset tokenization, stablecoin issuance, trading, staking and beyond.” It further details the benefits of their institutional-grade custody platform, focusing on security and compliance, agility and flexibility, and connectivity and networks. These features are designed to provide “the ultimate level of private key protection, scalable governance across all operations, and sole control over data and processes,” thereby positioning Ripple as a key player in the rapidly evolving digital asset market.


The acquisition of Metaco not only expands Ripple’s technological base but also aligns with its strategic objectives to dominate the growing market of crypto services for enterprises. Metaco’s flagship product, Harmonize, is a benchmark in digital asset custody and tokenization, widely utilized by leading custodians, banks, and financial institutions globally. Despite the acquisition, Ripple announced last year that Metaco will continue to operate as an independent brand and business unit under the leadership of its founder and CEO, Adrien Treccani. However, the latest announcement seems to be a slight shift from this strategy. At press time, XRP traded at $0.49824.

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