Smart PEPE Coin Whale Increases Holdings Amidst 100% Success Rate

  • Polygon Labs has launched a groundbreaking $1 billion POL community grant program.
  • SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol have delayed their merger date.
  • A prominent PEPE Coin whale has significantly increased their holdings, maintaining a 100% win rate over the past three months.

An in-depth look at recent key developments in the crypto world, including Polygon’s new grant program, a significant merger delay, and strategic whale movements in PEPE Coin.

Polygon Introduces a $1 Billion POL Community Grant Program

Polygon Labs has made waves in the crypto community by launching a massive $1 billion POL community grant program, known as CGP. For the first quarter, Polygon plans to allocate 35 million MATIC to projects built on its platform. This application period is open now and will close on August 31, 2024. This initiative aims to unlock 1 billion POL tokens over the next decade, with roughly 100 million POL expected to be released annually, all dedicated to builders within the ecosystem.

TokenFi to Launch Key Products by Year-End

TokenFi, a platform specializing in asset tokenization, has announced plans to launch several innovative products later this year. These products include the TokenFi RWA Tokenization Module, TokenFi AI Smart Contract Auditor, TokenFi Generative AI, and TokenFi Connect. The announcement follows the successful mainnet launch and adoption of various TokenFi products.

SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol Delay Merger

Previously set to merge, SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol have postponed their merger date from June 13, 2024, to July 15, 2024. This delay aims to address the logistical and technical needs of exchanges, validators, and other ecosystem partners. This merger, represented by the ASI token, signifies a significant step forward in the collaboration between these projects.

Optimism Announces Stage 1 Rollout of OP Stack

Optimism has announced the successful launch of Stage 1 of its OP Stack, which began with the OP Mainnet. The focus will now shift to Stage 2, emphasizing decentralization efforts. The OP Stack is designed to enhance the scalability and efficiency of the Optimism network, a key player in the Ethereum Layer 2 solution landscape.

Meter Network to Burn 30 Million MTRG Tokens

On June 17, the Meter Network plans to burn 30 million MTRG tokens, equivalent to 40% of its total supply. This decision, approved through the Meter community governance process, aims to enhance the long-term value and stability of the Meter ecosystem.

PEPE Coin Whale Accumulates More Tokens

An on-chain observer has reported that a PEPE Coin whale has maintained a 100% win rate over the past three months. Recently, this whale has increased their holdings by transferring $970,000 worth (79.8 billion tokens) from Binance. The average acquisition price was $0.0000144, with the whale now holding 429.1 billion tokens worth approximately $6.18 million at a slight floating loss.

SushiSwap Rebrands DAO as ‘Labs’ and Introduces Multi-Token Ecosystem

After months of discussions, the decentralized exchange SushiSwap has rebranded its DAO to Sushi Labs and introduced a new governance structure. This new arrangement aims to streamline decision-making and better respond to market demands. Sushi Labs will oversee a substantial budget of 25 million SushiSwap (SUSHI) tokens, while token holders will continue to decide on treasury allocations without engaging in daily operations.


The recent developments in the crypto space highlight significant strategic moves across various projects. Polygon’s ambitious grant program, TokenFi’s innovative product launches, and the PEPE Coin whale’s strategic accumulation reflect the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the cryptocurrency market. These developments offer insights into the future directions of these platforms and underscore the importance of staying informed in this fast-paced industry.

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