Solana-Based IO Token Faces Uncertainty as CEO Resigns Days Before Launch

  • Solana-based crypto project IOnet sees a surprise shift as its CEO steps down just days before the token launch.
  • The sudden resignation has raised questions about the project’s stability and the future prospects of its new token, IO.
  • “With issues from my past coming to light, I want to allow IOnet to proceed without distractions,” said former CEO Ahmad Shadid.

Solana-based IOnet’s CEO resigns two days before token launch, sparking concerns and speculation.

Unexpected CEO Resignation at IOnet Sparks Industry Wide Speculation

Ahmad Shadid, co-founder and CEO of Solana-based IOnet, unexpectedly resigned just two days prior to the launch of the project’s new token, IO. The AI-focused project aims to create a network that aggregates GPU supply to offer more cost-effective machine learning operations compared to traditional cloud services. The abrupt resignation of Shadid, despite the project’s innovative promise, has led to significant uncertainty within the industry.

Implications of the Leadership Change

Following Shadid’s resignation, Tory Green, a co-founder and former Chief Operating Officer, has stepped in as the new CEO. In a statement on social media platform X, Shadid explained his decision to step down, stating, “With issues from my past emerging, I’ve decided to resign as CEO to allow IOnet to grow and succeed without distractions.” This transition has sparked apprehension among stakeholders regarding the project’s future and the stability of its imminent token launch.

The Market Repercussions of Shadid’s Resignation

The IO token is scheduled to be launched on June 11 at 3:00 PM via Binance’s Launchpool. The initial release will involve 95 million IO tokens, with a maximum circulating supply of 800 million tokens. Shadid’s departure just before this critical event has led to speculations that he might dump his IO holdings as soon as they become available to the market.

Reassurances and Future Directions

Addressing these concerns, Shadid responded by clarifying that all IO tokens are subject to a lock-up period of four years, and no investor, advisor, or team member can sell their vested tokens until June 2025. Moreover, Shadid pledged to contribute personally 1 million IO tokens to the Internet of GPUs Foundation to support ecosystem growth. While his future involvement with IOnet remains uncertain, the company promises to announce further leadership changes in the coming days, as confirmed by the new CEO, Green.


The abrupt resignation of IOnet’s CEO Ahmad Shadid, just days before the IO token launch, has led to widespread speculation and concern. While the new leadership under Tory Green strives to assure stakeholders and navigate the nascent project’s future, the cloud of uncertainty remains. Investors and followers must stay informed and cautious as the situation unfolds, bearing in mind the fundamental risks involved in crypto ventures.

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