Sydney Sweeney’s Twitter Hacked Again to Promote Solana Meme Coin SWEENEY

  • Actress Sydney Sweeney’s Twitter account reportedly experienced a second hack within this year.
  • The account was misused to advertise a Solana-based meme currency called SWEENEY, with the tweets later being removed.
  • Astonishingly, despite the posts appearing dubious, the crypto community funneled $13 million into the token in less than an hour.

Actress Sydney Sweeney’s Twitter Account Hacked Again: Promotes Dubious Solana Meme Coin, Garnering $13 Million in Hours

Second Twitter Hack Incident This Year for Sydney Sweeney

On Tuesday afternoon, Sydney Sweeney’s Twitter account was compromised once again, marking the second hacking incident this year. This time, the prominent actress’s account was utilized to heavily promote a new Solana meme coin named SWEENEY. Even though the tweets were subsequently taken down, the incident raised significant attention within the crypto community.

Massive Influx into SWEENEY Token Despite Clear Fraud Signs

Despite the blatant signs of fraudulent activity, this latest hacking episode saw the crypto sphere react with surprising enthusiasm. The new SWEENEY token, aggressively pushed through Sweeney’s hijacked account, enticed crypto traders to the tune of $13 million within just an hour. The rapid-fire sequence of tweets falsely claimed that the token was endorsed by the Euphoria and White Lotus star, which fueled the frenzy.

Ongoing Trend of Celebrity Twitter Hacks Promoting Meme Coins

This event is part of an ongoing trend in which the Twitter accounts of various celebrities—including 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan—have been hacked to promote meme coins originating from the dubious platform These hacks utilize the fame of celebrities to deceive crypto traders into investing in so-called meme coins. Sweeney’s account echoed similar exploitative behavior, invoking industry slang and referencing controversial figures like Sahil Arora, a known meme coin marketer.

Financial Exploits: From Skyrocketing to Collapse

The price of SWEENEY experienced an explosive surge of over 2,500% within just 15 minutes, only to plummet back to near-zero levels shortly after, within the span of an hour. This brief trading window saw an astounding $13.6 million in trading volume, demonstrating the volatile nature of meme coins and the risky behavior of those who partake in such schemes.

Sweeney Reclaims Account, Hackers Openly Boast

While Sydney Sweeney regained control of her Twitter account and promptly deleted all references to the fraudulent token, the hackers behind the incident openly bragged about the exploit on their Telegram channel. They even went as far as to claim responsibility for hacking the accounts of other celebrities, including 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan, and teased plans for future exploits involving more high-profile targets.

Future Outlook for Crypto Community’s Response

The audacity of the hacks and the significant financial response they draw raise important questions about the susceptibility of the crypto community to such scams. While trust in the slow-up approach implicating another celebrity has yet to materialize, it paints a stark picture of the increasing sophistication and boldness of these malicious actors. Crypto enthusiasts and investors must exercise heightened caution and due diligence to avoid falling prey to such schemes.


This latest incident highlights both the vulnerabilities within social media platforms and the eagerness of the crypto community to engage with new tokens, even when clear red flags are present. Investors must remain vigilant and discerning, especially as hackers continue to exploit the allure of celebrity endorsements to spread fraudulent coins. The broader market’s response to such schemes will likely influence the industry’s approach to security and regulation in the future.

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