US Company Adds Millions in Bitcoin to Treasury Reserves: ABD Hazine Btc Alımı!

  • ABD merkezli sağlık şirketi Semler Scientific, yüklü miktarda Bitcoin alımı yaptığını açıkladı.
  • Semler Scientific birincil hazine rezervi için Bitcoin’e başvurduğunu açıkladı.
  • Toplam değeri 40 milyon dolar olan 581 Bitcoin alımı gerçekleştirildi.

Semler Scientific announces significant Bitcoin purchase for treasury reserve.

Bitcoin Purchase as Treasury Strategy by Semler Scientific

Semler Scientific, listed on Nasdaq under SMLR code, announced its move to diversify its primary treasury reserve by investing in Bitcoin as part of a strategic decision. The company has disclosed the acquisition of 581 Bitcoins worth a total of $40 million. In implementing this strategy, Semler Scientific emphasizes attention to liquidity and risk management.

Enhancing Financial Position Through Innovation

The decision to invest in Bitcoin aligns with the company’s goal of strengthening its financial position in the innovative development of medical products and services sector. The significant growth in revenue and net profit in the company’s 2023 financial results set the stage for this investment, serving as a complementary element to its current financial strategy.


In conclusion, Semler Scientific’s strategic Bitcoin purchase reflects a forward-thinking approach towards enhancing its financial resilience and advancing its position in the medical industry. This move not only signifies a commitment to growth but also underlines the company’s strategic foresight in navigating the evolving landscape of digital assets.

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