What is Meta Apes and How to Buy PEEL?

  • Meta Apes, a win-to-earn MMO game, navigates a future dominated by Apes after humanity’s end.
  • The game is unique for being the first to launch on the BNB Sidechain.
  • PEEL, the governance and native token of Meta Apes, plays an integral role in the in-game economy.

An in-depth exploration into Meta Apes, a revolutionary mobile game, and its governance token, PEEL, detailing its significance, economy, and purchase process.

What is Meta Apes (PEEL)


Meta Apes paints a riveting picture of a post-human world where Apes aim for cosmic dominance. The MMO strategy game, designed for mobile platforms like Android and iOS, merges compelling narratives with a community-driven ethos. Rooted in transparency, freedom, and an enriching gaming experience, Meta Apes champions the cause of player rights. However, it’s worth noting that the game’s features and priorities can evolve based on feedback and various other influences.

Token Economics of Meta Apes (PEEL)

PEEL is not just a token; it’s the heartbeat of the Meta Apes universe. Created to foster community participation and reward loyalty, PEEL is the instrument that decentralizes Meta Apes’ governance. It’s intricately designed to ensure all game-generated revenue benefits its holders. From NFT trades, in-game purchases, staking, to voting, PEEL’s applications are manifold. With a capped supply of a billion PEEL, its distribution is meticulously planned, aligning with community rewards, sales, and other avenues.

How to Buy Meta Apes (PEEL)

  • Start with setting up an account on our recommended platform.
  • Top up using a select cryptocurrency (like USDT) or a fiat currency of choice.
  • Within the platform, locate the Meta Apes (PEEL)/USDT trading pair to initiate your buy order.
  • After a successful transaction, transfer your Meta Apes (PEEL) to a secured digital wallet.

Ensure your Meta Apes (PEEL) acquisition is smooth and risk-free by utilizing our endorsed exchange.

Applications of Meta Apes (PEEL)

PEEL serves as the fuel for the Meta Apes ecosystem. Beyond governance, it powers NFT transactions, player rewards, select in-game activities, gas charges, staking, and in-game purchases. This holistic integration ensures PEEL’s intrinsic value and utility in the Meta Apes universe.

Pros and Cons of Meta Apes (PEEL)

Like any digital asset, PEEL comes with its set of advantages and challenges. While it promises decentralized governance, community-driven decision-making, and varied use cases, users must be mindful of market volatilities, technological risks, and the evolving nature of the game’s priorities.

Future Price Predictions for Meta Apes (PEEL)

Given its integration into the Meta Apes ecosystem and the game’s growing popularity, PEEL shows significant potential. However, like all crypto-assets, its future value will be influenced by market dynamics, adoption rates, and broader industry trends.

Detailed Insights on Meta Apes (PEEL)

Meta Apes and PEEL are intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. With a clear roadmap stretching into 2023, the game and token are poised for innovation, from supporting new chains, map updates to introducing intelligent AI modules. PEEL’s tokenomics, capped at just over 203 million, further underscores its scarcity and potential value.


In an age where gaming meets blockchain, Meta Apes emerges as a beacon of innovation. Its governance token, PEEL, encapsulates the ethos of decentralization, community ownership, and utility. As the landscape evolves, both the game and the token hold the promise of carving a unique space in the crypto-gaming world.

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