Potential Reversal on the Horizon for Bitcoin (BTC), Latest Indicator Analysis Reveals

  • Recent data indicates a potential reversal for Bitcoin, with the cryptocurrency possibly setting the stage for a significant comeback.
  • A key indicator is the percentage of the network’s available supply in profit, currently at its lowest level in two months, which historically aligns with bullish scenarios.
  • Bitcoin is currently trading around $59,300, just below significant resistance levels, with a decisive break above this level possibly confirming the onset of a bullish phase.

Bitcoin shows signs of a potential reversal, with key indicators suggesting a bullish phase could be on the horizon. The cryptocurrency’s available supply in profit is at its lowest in two months, a condition that historically precedes bullish scenarios.

Bitcoin’s Current Trading Position

Bitcoin is currently trading around $59,300, maintaining its position just below significant resistance levels. The resistance on the chart is at the $60,099 mark, which Bitcoin has tested multiple times over recent weeks. A decisive break above this level could confirm the onset of a bullish phase, potentially driving prices toward higher resistances observed around $63,463.

Bitcoin’s Support and Resistance Levels

Bitcoin has established strong support at $52,102, where multiple bounces have occurred, indicating solid buyer interest at this price point. This support level is critical; holding above it is essential for maintaining the current recovery momentum. If Bitcoin were to drop below this support, it could trigger a sell-off, testing further support near the $50,000 psychological threshold. The chart also features declining volume, suggesting caution among traders who may be waiting for more definitive signals before committing to larger positions.

Analysis of Bitcoin’s Supply in Profit

The analysis of Bitcoin’s supply in profit being at a relatively low level suggests that fewer investors are in a profitable position, reducing the likelihood of a sell-off due to profit-taking. This scenario could lead to reduced selling pressure, providing a conducive environment for price appreciation if market sentiment shifts positively.


Bitcoin’s current trading position and analysis of its supply in profit suggest a potential reversal for the cryptocurrency. If market sentiment shifts positively and the cryptocurrency breaks above significant resistance levels, Bitcoin could enter a bullish phase. However, caution is advised as traders wait for more definitive signals before committing to larger positions.

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