Sotheby’s Pioneers Bitcoin Ordinals Sale with Exclusive BitcoinShrooms Collection

Sotheby's, a venerable auction house, steps into the future with the sale of the BitcoinShrooms collection, a digital art series that commemorates the evolution and ethos of Bitcoin.

ApeCoin DAO Eyes Cultural Dominance in NFT Ecosystem

ApeCoin DAO's ambitious proposal can reshape its role in the web3 ecosystem, making it a major cultural token. Stay tuned to see if the community approves.

Vitalik Buterin Reveals SIM Swap as Cause for $700,000 Twitter Hack

Unraveling the details of the $691,000 Twitter hack involving Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin: A deep dive into SIM swapping and its repercussions in the crypto world.

ApeCoin Sinks Amid NFT Market Fluctuations: A Detailed Insight

A deep dive into the recent downtrend of ApeCoin and its association with Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, exploring potential reasons and the broader NFT market dynamics.

Hacker Exploits Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter: Over $690,000 Stolen Through Deceptive NFT Link

As the crypto world evolves, safety remains paramount: A hacker breached Vitalik Buterin's Twitter, leveraging a deceptive NFT link to siphon off over $690,000 from unsuspecting followers.

SEC Sets Sights on NFTs: A Crucial Alert for NFT Investors!

Our article delves into the recent accusation by the U.S. SEC against Impact Theory for issuing an unregistered NFT, and the potential consequences this could have for NFT investors.

Lufthansa Reveals: Millions of Users Set to Join Polygon Chain

Lufthansa, a leading global airline, is making its foray into the crypto world through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in its Uptrip loyalty program. This innovative approach allows passengers to earn, use, and exchange NFTs for various services.

SEC Takes Aim at NFTs: Impact Theory Faces Allegations

The SEC broadens its crypto scrutiny by targeting NFT offerings, marking a significant move against a media company for its unregistered securities claim.

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